What to Do When No One Shows Up

On Friday afternoons we host an after-school Bible study in my basement for our teens. Most weeks we have several teens who will show up, and some weeks we have only a couple. This past Friday was one of those weeks. It was our first week back after a few weeks break, so I didn’t expect a lot of teens (especially since a couple of our most consistent attendees were unavailable due to football and band). Long story short, only one teen showed up (there would have been a second, but we missed each other by about a minute). And this is a guy that I have seen once all summer.

What did we do? We changed things up a bit. We spent some time helping to put the youth room back in order after its extensive reboot over the past few weeks. We read through a few chapters of Micah and discussed it together. And we talked politics.

When you have an event that just doesn’t have the numbers that you want (or need), focus on the teens that did show up. Build relationship with the ones who are there, and invest in them. Don’t view the circumstance as a failure or as a disappointment. Run with it, and roll with the punches.

Or you might wind up with a missed opportunity…