Friday Night Flood in Brief – 9/5

Tonight was our first evening back in the saddle for Friday Night Flood. It was a little weird being back after a three month hiatus, but we quickly slipped back into the swing of things (that is way too many expressions. Beware).

We shared with our teens there about H20’s theme and mission for this year (see here), and one student opened up to a couple of our leaders about her broken family situation. This was probably the biggest item of the evening. After the teens all went home we leaders shared some time in prayer for this teen, and the comment was made that “I know we asked God to make us His remedy, but I didn’t think it would start so soon!” I love that we are entering this new area for our ministry. Friday nights are full of tens who do not feel love anywhere else in their week, and I am anxious about how this year will play out, and I cannot wait to see God at work in this ministry.