From time to time I post about the topic of Sabbath here on this blog. (Here, here and here are a few examples). It is a concept that we in America tend to either ignore or forget in our faith. We rush from one project to the next, one event to another, one meeting to another appointment and so on. We take so little time to truly rest in God’s arms and be comforted as He allows us to renew our soul. Way too little. I take a day each week that I set aside intentionally for such (in)activity, and that is not anywhere near enough I feel.

I have seen this trend grow in teens over the past several years. Loaded classes, play,s band, choir, sports, dating, friends, media consumption, etc. I see too many of our teens who have no time to invest in building their relationship with God by learning about Him, much less to rest in His arms. It frightens me that so few of our teens can understand and utilize a practice that is crucial to Spiritual health.

In our area, the public school system allows churches to offer once-a-week “religious instruction” during school hours (one hour evey other week, and it is entirely voluntary) called Release Time. Last year we focused on missions (we tried to. I don’t think it went over too well), but even in that we were focused on offering more business to our teens. This year I feel that we need to change our direction.
This year I want to push for a focus on teaching our teens how to sabbath. What is it? Why are we supposed to do it? How can we do this? Does it even matter? If nothing else, we can give our teens an hour in which they can be free from stress, temptation, hurt, anxiety and hurry. I want to comtinue to apply this thinking to our Student Ministry program as well, as we continue our Reflection evenings and as we refocus and retool our Sunday School program.

How do you sabbath? How do you help your teens sabath?

Do you sabbath?