Wednesday Night Live in a Nutshell

Tonight was a transitional evening for us at H20 Student Ministries. We have wrapped up our summer small groups experiment, but have not started fall programming.  Our church held a corn roast/potluck dinner and we rolled into our programming after dinner was over.

It was an interesting evening. We had a few regular teens, some that we see randomly, and a couple that we have not seen in nearly six months. We started out in the youth room (which is in the midst of a reboot, so the paint is really all over the place) with our announcements, then we walked to the narthex to show them the new four month calendar setup and to tell them where they will be able to find announcements this year (church website, facebook group page, myspace page, narthex bulletin board and youth room bulletin board). Last year we spent far too much time trying to get information out in group gatherings. Then we went to the Prayer Room to begin our evening in prayer. After that it was into the Library to hear stories of how the summer small groups went, and off to the Sanctuary to meet new and upcoming students and got to hear a little of our volunteers’ hearts concerning why they volunteer and what they are excited about for this year. We finished up in the Middle School room were I shared why I am here, and what I hope to see happen this year within H20.

Not a complicated evening at all. Totally Spirit-led (I had nothing concrete in place at all up until 2 minutes before we started), and it gave us some great community time together. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for our teens this year.