Renewing Your Spiritual Passion

While I was away on ManCation this weekend (my first opportunity for such a gathering in over 3 years) we had a load of fun. There was great discussion about many areas of our lives, cards, much football (it was our draft for our fantasy league after all. 12 teams, 24 rounds, and two full-length games of “rough two-hand touch” football). And at the end of the weekend, one of the guys shared a message of our need to renew our Spiritual passion. He used a passage from Revelation 3.14-22 (The Church in Laodicea), bringing to mind the imagery of being spewed out of God’s mouth for being lukewarm. But what probably hit me the most was his usage of John 15. A while back I told you about our Student Ministry’s Journey With Jesus challenge, and Sunday’s assigned reading was John 15. Total God moment for me.

His message got me thinking. I have discovered for myself the need to renew my own passion for my God. It is not something that I accomplish on my own, far from it. But I have learned that when I schedule time for myself to get away from the crowd (as Jesus did frequently) and spend time with God in His Word (journaling really aids me in this) and in prayer, my passion really gets a recharge. There are many other practices that I use in my personal time with God, but no matter what it really comes back down to these two practices, no matter the wrapping.

In Youth Ministry we need to spend time working on our own souls, our own walks with God. If we do not, we become horrible examples of disciples to students at best, and hypocrites at worst. If we do not take time to work on our own Spiritual Passion, we may find very quickly that we are in our position alone, and have no one to rely upon because we have distanced ourselves from the One that we cold lean on. We find that we may even burn out quite quickly, and serve no one as a value in teaching or example.

We need to spend time working on our own Spiritual walks before we spend time trying to fix our students’. What do you do to build up your own Spiritual Passion?