Heading Out For A Short While

As I type this post, it is early Sunday morning (shortly after midnight) and I am finishing rounding up all the necessary supplies that I will need for the next week. What in the world am I talking about? Well, in about 11 hours I will be leading a group of 8 high-school students and one other adult on a week-long work camp/mission trip in Pittsburgh, PA.

We will be working with an organization known as The Pittsburgh Project. It is an amazing organization that provides many services to the community year-round, and during the summer they bring in teens from all over to work specifically on renovating, repairing, and restoring homes for elderly homeowners who cannot afford to make repairs on their own. For a more in-depth write-up, check out this page.

While I am on this trip, I will have limited internet access (I may be able to approve comments, but if yours is not approved immediately, please be patient with me), so I am taking this opportunity to take a short break from blogging, and focusing upon building and strengthening relationships with our students. It will also give me an opportunity to pull back and come back refreshed and rejuvenated to the blogosphere, because the week after that will be a vacation week with family, and any posts that go up here during that week will be about my family. So for the next two weeks I am taking a sabbatical from Youth Ministry blogging. I will be back in two weeks, so until then feel free to nose around the site and explore some of the older stuff I have laying around here.