Ministry Happens… Anywhere

Last night I had the opportunity to join in our Middle School guys small group. Normally I am watching Abigail while Kelly leads the Middle School girls (I meet with the graduating seniors on Monday nights), so tonight was a treat.

The group’s leader has been deaning a camp down the road this week for 4th-6th graders, so instead of a home meeting I drove three of our guys out to the camp and we joined in the festivities. The soccer game was fun, the chapel service enjoyable, and the swimming a blast (though I had forgotten how… firmly 4th graders can grip a shoulder. I have the marks to prove it!). But the best part was the trip there and the trip home. We took about twenty minutes more than we should have getting there (my fault, I couldn’t remember where a connecting road was and had to backtrack) but it provided us with some great bonding time and excellent conversations. The ride home was shorter, but the conversation was even better. These three are nearly experts in medieval torture! It started out as a discussion on crucifixion, wandered all around other medieval methods, pondered what is on the other side of black holes, and closed out on the topic of suicide and whether or not sacrificing yourself so that others may live would be suicide. It opened up a great opportunity to talk about the sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf.

I love these guys.