Halo Clarification

Last October I blogged about Halo and its use in Youth Ministry contexts. It has become my single highest read post with (as of this writing) nearly 5,200 individual views (probably because I posted a picture that people like to download). Things have been relatively quiet on that post until last week when people suddenly started leaving comments without apparently reading the post (or at least without understanding it). My words were misinterpreted at best and things I never truly said were quoted by those leaving comments. (There so far have only been three, but for my blog, that is a fair amount).

So please allow me to clarify once again what I blogged about:

I did not at any point condemn the Halo franchise and state that it should never be played. I made a side reference to those who might argue against its use because of the killing of aliens. I do believe that if we met aliens, their lives would be just as valuable as ours, as they would be a part of God’s creation as well.

And the big point:

As Christians, and as Youth Leaders (yes, the original post was written to Youth Leaders specifically) should we be encouraging teens who are not supposed to be playing the series (or any other games with the same ratings) when it has been determined by the ESRB that they should not be? We are under the obligation to observe the rules of governing bodies that we are subject to insofar that their decrees do not go against God’s commands. Though the ESRB is not a governmental body, they have been placed in charge of rating video game content, and are responsible for setting the rules. Should we willingly break rules we should be following in the name of “effective outreach” or being cool and accepted to our teens? If we decide that we are, what is the message that we are sending o the teens we are supposed to reach?

I merely wanted to stir the pot and raise questions for other Youth Leaders who might not have thought through them.

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