Transitional Ministry

This summer we are experimenting with small groups for our Student Ministry program. It is a completely new concept to our teens, and has met with varying success. But I wanted something different for our graduating seniors. Many of our seniors are going off to campuses where they will meet new and different worldviews that they have never encountered before. Perspectives that will challenge their thinking and their beliefs. And I am not convinced that many of those same students have a solid foundation to stand on. So instead of wrapping them into the rest of the groups, I have set up meeting times at Perkins in the evening on Mondays.

These times are very laid-back. I am not using curriculum, in fact, it is very conversationally based. It really functions as an exchange. Our teens who come share their plans, I share my experiences, and hit them with the question “How would you describe where you are at on your Spiritual Journey?” It is an intentionally vague question, and there have been a few different answers.

Tonight was a great evening. I got to spend the evening with two teens that I have not been able to spend much time at all with over the past year. And both admitted that they need to spend more time in Scripture. So I shared the one thing above all else that will keep them grounded during this transition. Quality time in Scripture. I encouraged them to start now, building a habit out of it before they even arrive on campus (shameless plug for the Journey With Jesus), and I challenged them to journal their reading instead of just reading and leaving it behind.

Overall, it was a great evening. Good conversation, great topics, honest and open dialogue with two teens who want to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, but just need some guidance in how best to do so. So what do you do with your graduates to help them through this transitional period?