A Great Artist You Should Not Miss

Spotlight On...At Alive last week, I stumbled across a great artist that I ha never heard before. His name is Josh Wilson, and he appeared onstage with just his guitar and a few repeater pedals. And he was good. Really good. The lyrics were honest and deep. He shared a lot with us, and I bought both of his CD’s (something I have not done for an artist in a while). After a few spins, I am very grateful that I picked them up. Style-wise, think acoustic rock, with a little bit of southern twinge thrown in for good measure.

So check him out. You can sample his music on his MySpace.

And for good measure, check out this video of his rendition of Amazing Grace. He performed it twice at Alive, but it is not on either of his albums. Here is the link, as embedding has been disabled by the video poster’s request.

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