Alive… But Not Posting

By the time you read this, I will have left with about 14 teenagers to spend the next 4 days camping, singing, swimming and being crazy at the Alive festival. I do not intend to post much at all, though there may be a couple of poss set to auto-post. We’ll see. Comments also will not be moderated unless you have commented on this site before, so please do not be offended if you comment on Wednesday and do not get to see your words until Sunday. Also, feel free to search through the archives and see what I have offered over the past 350+ posts.

Finally (and most importantly), please pray for our group as we travel and experience God at this event. We are taking a couple of students who are not professing Christians but are searching, and a handful of teens who claim to be Christians, but limit their relationship with God to Sunday mornings. Pray especially that these teens will meet Christ in a real way, and that this experience will change them in amazing ways.