Experiential Worship

Last night I sat in on our church’s Wednesday Night Live internet radio program. Our senior pastor (who typically hosts the series) is in Grove City for our conference’s annual conference. So he hosted through a phone-in conversation. His guest for the evening was the woman who is responsible for overseeing the prayer room (really more of a prayer tabernacle, with several different rooms) during the conference.

What really got my mind turning was her vision for this prayer room. She has taken a very experiential approach to the setup, especially with the concepts of praying through offering, surrender, salvation, and Christians as the bride of Christ. I love opportunities for experiential worship. I believe that Scripture shows us precedents for worshiping God with more than just our voices, and in more methods than just singing a few songs on a Sunday morning. This interview really got me thinking about how we incorporate experiential elements into our Student Ministry program. Sure, we include a few things here and there, but overall we could do so much more.

So here is my question to you. Do you include experiential elements into your Student Ministry program? What all do you use, and how do you implement it?

A Few Resources for Experiential Worship