Catching Up

It has been a rough couple of weeks. First Kelly and Abby got sick. Then I caught it. Then after healing, we wrapped up our ministry programs for the school year. We honored graduates. There have been a couple of graduation parties already. We wrestled with money in getting our group’s Alive trip for next week finalized. I have tangled with getting fundraisers set up for our Pittsburgh Project trip in July. I worked on getting our small group program up and running for this summer though I am still working on getting our graduating seniors together). I got (mostly) caught up on backlogged videos. I produced 17 individual DVD’s in the last 7 days alone. I have guested on two episodes of our church’s weekly internet radio show, and continued to create a new one with our senior pastor. I have spent much time with teens building relationships (with school being out, this is much easier). And in all of this I have attempted to maintain a balance with both family life, and rest/sabbath. I feel that I have (with God’s leading of course) been fairly successful at this last point.

And I blogged far too little. As I move into my period of reflection, evaluation and casting vision for the next year, I hope to include much of the process in my blogging. I hope to get back on track in resourcing the Student Ministry community at large.