Friday Night Flood – Extended (5/30)

Tonight at Friday Night Flood we tried something different. In fact it was an idea that God had put in my head a little while back while sitting in the bathroom of a turn pike rest stop on the way back from Buffalo when helping some friends transport an organ back into town. The linchpin of this idea? No centralized talk about God to confine our spirituality into for the evening.

Instead I put together a short video posing the question “Why are you here?” (in reference to why do we exist, not why teens are at Friday Night Flood). We used one of our core teens to star in the project, which is similar in execution to the Nooma series. The largest difference was that our video tonight was designed to create thinking, and offered no real answers. So as teens trickled into the building, we grouped them into a side classroom and showed them the video, merely asking that they keep this in their minds tonight. Our leaders (both adult and teen) were challenged to intentionally work some of the questions posed by the video into their conversations with teens at Friday Night Flood tonight. Then during our break time (in which we showed the latest episode of The Purple Police and played a fun game with marshmallows) I invited the star of our video to take 2 minutes and share what he thought the answers were to the questions that he posed in the video. (Check back tomorrow for the video if you are interested).

I can’t say how well this worked ministry-wise for the other leaders, but it really helped my personal ministry tonight. It gave me a solid, immediately relevant discussion starter with several teens who I normally struggle with finding real footing with. It allowed me to find out where several of our Friday Night crowd stand on understanding their place in the world. And somehow, it opened up enough discussion that I was able to spend a fair amount of time chatting with a student who is losing his grandmother to Alzheimer’s. (Please pray for his family as they struggle with how to approach this situation).

Sure there was some drama over a break-up that somehow involved 5 teens. Yes, we were short volunteers and there were more than a couple of teens who wanted to test how strict we were with our rules about leaving the building. But I feel that tonight was a good, solid night of ministry for Friday Night Flood.