Wednesday Night Live in Review (5/21)

Tonight was week three in our Dear God series, in which we have “guest panelists” (adults who are involved in our church) answer questions that our teens have asked over the past month (for more details, visit our Dear God page).

Tonight was a little bit different. For starters, I was only able to line up one panelist, our Senior Pastor. Apparently everyone else that I tried to interest was afraid to field questions at the same time as him. We were able to get through 3 questions (with one more after he had to leave) with him, and the interaction between him and several of the teens there was great. Another of our volunteer leaders was also there, and was waiting ever-so-patiently for a question that we just ran out of time to answer. Like I said, the interaction was good, and our questions were answered quite well. (I hope to get video uploaded by Sunday).Wednesday Night Live lesson

All in all it was a good evening. We tried something different for our worship through music segment. I ran a couple of Scripture videos bookending a video set to The David Crowder*Band’s Coming Toward (from the Illuminate album) two videos set to Crowder’s Deliver Me and downhere’s A Better Way. After I led a brief discussion period about the song choice, seeking out how they could resonate in our teens’ lives.ns Not much discussion from our teens, but many of them were deep in thought about what they had just experienced.

After we wrapped up, I even got to chat with that leader from two paragraphs back about his questions for the question “Is it alright to lie if it is for a good reason?” There was some great Biblical discussion there.

Good night. Small crowd, so a little more intimate, experimentation with music that seemed to make heads think, and some great discussion afterwards. And teens watching videos of themselves from last Friday? Instant camaraderie. Great night.