Weekend Update

Whoo, long, busy weekend for me. Here are some bullet points on what happened this weekend:

  • Took a handful of our teens to view The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Saturday afternoon. As a movie, it is excellent. The acting is wooden in a few places, but on the whole it is (from what I remember in my reading of the book several years ago) a faithful adaptation. It does live up to the “Narnia may be a bit more fierce than you remember it” tagline, with much fierce battle (but little blood shown). There are so many great quotes and discussion starters to be found in the movie about the nature of God, our inability to see Him, and so much more. Definitely worth using in your ministry or your own personal devotional life.
  • After the movie, we stopped at Quaker Steak & Lube to have lunch and discuss the movie. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. We took 13 teens (mostly upper-classmen) to see the movie, and only one was willing to discuss the movie any deeper than “It was definitely better than the last one” and “Ben Barnes is gorgeous!” Even with a ton of leading questions, the discussion simply fell apart. Very sad.
  • Observed one of our teens texting a friend throughout nearly the entire service Sunday morning.
  • Sunday morning our pastor was very transparent with the congregation in his sermon and benediction, confessing a bit of his own shortcomings, and sharing how the Spirit has been working on him, even just that morning. Very encouraging. Especially on a communion Sunday. And I got so wrapped up in my prayer in between consuming elements, that I dropped my grape juice. Oops.
  • One of my leaders informed me that outside of leading our Alive trip this summer (think Creation, but a little bit smaller but with on-site swimming), he is stepping down from leadership within our ministry.
  • Kelly got sick. I took today off from office work to take care of her and Abby.
  • I uploaded all nine video clips of last week’s WNL Dear God series.
  • I found out that one of our students who has been MIA the past few weeks is currently in the hospital and in need of much prayer for many reasons. Please pray for her.

That was my weekend, how was yours?