Wednesday Night Live in Review (5/14)

Tonight was week two of our Dear God series in H20’s Wednesday Night Live. We had three new guest panelists, all volunteers in our student ministry program, and they tackled nine more of our remaining 73 questions from our list. They did so admirably, researching and pondering over many of them beforehand. I even spent some time with one of our panelists last night looking for some answers on his question of where Eden was located.

All in all, it was another satisfying night of answers, and it still managed to instill even more mystery into our teens’ understanding of God. A very good thing in my opinion. Answers given, student follow-up and interaction, a good night all around. Even our time spent in music was better than last week (a strong byproduct of having more than three times as many bodies in the room than we had last week) with teens jumping, clapping singing and really engaging the music.Wednesday Night Live lesson

But I think my biggest excitement came from seeing a student who has been coming for the past month against his will (someone that does not claim Christ at all, and is only here because his aunt thinks that it is a good place for him to be), begin to come out of his shell tonight, between interacting with another teen in a game of Madden beforehand, engaging in listening to our panelists, and dancing during our music portion.

I think tonight was a good night.

For updates on Dear God, visit our Dear God page on our church website. Videos from tonight should be up before the weekend is out.