To Write or Not to Write – part 1

an articleI wrote up a little article about curriculum usage for a magazine that has not been used so far (their theme was pushed back until early next year). So I thought I would share it with you, and maybe use any feedback you might have to offer to help make improvements before re-submitting it in January.

To write or not to write. We have all faced this question in our ministries. We youth leaders are entrusted with a sacred duty to educate teenagers in the ways of Christianity. To teach them how to be disciples of the One and Only God of the Universe. We typically can be found doing so in a classroom setting, or a small group discussion. But where does our material come from. We are faced with two options. Do we write our own studies or do we purchase our lessons from an outside source?

I have been serving in youth ministry for the better part of a decade. I started out volunteering to lead a junior high small group, and have gone on from there to be responsible for overseeing the entire youth ministry of a church. I have written enough lessons to start my own company, and I have used curriculum from just about every major publishing company out there. I’ve taught many lessons, and have been blessed to learn many things along the way. (Notice all the “I’s” here? Do this all with the understanding that it is God working through me, not my own doing that has allowed me to gain this experience. Just wanted to make that part clear). There are many great benefits to writing your own studies. And there is nothing to be ashamed of in purchasing someone else’s.

Since I tend to write more than I purchase, I thought I might share my knowledge and experience on this end of the debate with you. Just what are the benefits of writing your own curriculum?

Continued tomorrow..