Friday Night Flood in Review (5/2)

Tonight was Prom night here in Corry. Which meant two things. First, it meant that our Friday Night Flood program started a little later so that our adult leaders could be a part of the festivities (Corry does things a little different. I might let you in on it tomorrow). And two, it meant that our group size tonight experienced a massive drop. In fact, we had less than a dozen students for just about the whole evening. And it was a refreshing change of pace for us, I think.

The smaller number (10 teens, 7 adults) made sure that each teen got a lot o quality time with adults tonight. Playing cards, shooting hoops, video games, volleyball, or just chatting. All of it was quality tonight. No rushed conversations, no distractions, just conversations. Our break time was also incredibly different. Instead of a talk, I invited our teens to share why they keep coming. We opened the floor to their thoughts on Jesus, and most of them offered something that they would like to have us pray for. And we did.

The night was good. Very good, especially for a handful of students who usually fall a bit through the cracks on a typical Friday night. The Spirit moved and provided us with an incredible opportunity to really connect with some of our hurting kids. No videos, no big flashy game. Just time with teenagers. Give it a go in your ministry sometime, if you don’t currently do so.