Wednesday Night Live in Review (4/30)

Reflection Evening April 30Tonight was another change of pace evening for H20’s Wednesday Night Live program. Our third Reflection Evening, actually.

Reflection Evenings are nights where we have no electricity, no videos, no games, and no lights save for a candle (or a few candles). They are designed to create a space and a time in which our teens can get away from all distractions and genuinely listen for God’s voice. We engage in laid back acoustic worship through music and a time where they share with the group their week’s high points, low points and how they saw God working this week. We also engage teens in Scripture through Lectio Divina, and spend some time in prayer together. Honestly, these nights are some of my favorites. low prep time for me, and a very laid back atmosphere that typically fosters reflection with our group.

Tonight was no different. Our passage was from Acts 8.26-40, and our teens (and adults) seemed to take to it with a lot of deep thinking. It really capped off our month-long series on evangelism, and challenged our group to listen for whom God is telling us to share His message with. Our music really tied in well, giving time to mull the evening’s events over (David Crowder’s arrangements for Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, All Creatures of Our God and King and the Doxology). After everything was said and done, we had some good fellowship time together.

Tonight was one of those nights where things seem to go right, and our group took the first tentative steps toward becoming more than a few separate cliques. It’s going to be a long road, but I really am looking forward to the journey.

Bonus: If you would like to use this lesson for your group, feel free to download the file below