Wednesday Night Live extended (4/23)

Tonight wrapped up our Evangelism for My Life series at Wednesday Night Live. And if I can classify WNL’s as being either hit or miss, then tonight was a definite miss. Everything just seemed to go the wrong way. We missed a lot of our group that participated last week, so the plan to have them share their journeys that they wrote last week didn’t go over too well. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see faces we haven’t seen in a while. It was just a bit off for them to step into tonight without a real idea of what was happening. The downfall of teaching through a series, I guess. And we had a student who kind of got forced into coming that really didn’t want to be involved… or there… at all.

There were some bright spots. Music was good, and the participation was great as well. One student took it upon himself to chat with the teen who did not want to be there during the breakout time where our teens shared their journeys. The videos we used (Real Christians of Genius, Bullhorn Nooma) seemed to be well-received.

I can only guess at why tonight seemed to be so rough. Ultimately though, I can only see what happened and learn and grow from it. I believe that next week’s Reflection Evening will be a much-needed change of pace for our crew.

BONUS: Here’s the Real Christians of Genius video. Use the link above to purchase a high quality copy to use if you like it.