A New Blogroll Link

You may notice (or may not) a new resident in the blogroll to your right here on Confessions of a Human Being. That link will direct you to BluefishTV.com, a great place to find resources for youth and adult ministry. Cheap quality videos, thought-provoking curriculum, and more.Bluefish TV logo

Normally I wouldn’t offer such a shameless plug for a company. Well, okay if I thought it would be a valuable resource to you, I would. But I might not be so blunt about it. I start off this post to do two things. One is to introduce you to Bluefish if you have never met them before. The second is to continue a thought from yesterday’s post.

Last Monday I conversed with a couple of people from Bluefish about a new venture that they are about to undertake, really looking to offer a lot of support for small groups and small group leaders. The conversation was really great, and I am in the process of getting some ideas off to them, and information about myself (and if you’re reading, it is on its way!), for I have been invited to be a part of this venture. So down the road a bit you should see a lot more of a relationship between my blog and Bluefish, with lots of training and resourcing that will work hand-in-hand, provided to you. I am very excited to be a part of this, and pray that my experience will reflect God’s glory in what I have to share. Especially if I can point to my mistakes and failures as learning points just as much as God’s successes in and through me.