Weekend Update

This past weekend was a good one. For several reasons:

  • I made it through the week and got to take the bulk of Sunday in Sabbath. Of course, I woke up earlier than normal for a Sunday to give an announcement in our first service, and had to navigate a horribly marked detour to meet up with Kelly and Abigail for dinner, but it was still a good Sabbath day.
  • Saturday evening I participated in a gathering for the Koinonia program that is run out of the UM denomination (a cursillo weekend. I might blog about it in the future. If not, go here for a very basic understanding of what it is). I had the opportunity to help lead singing (with a lot of sings I have learned just in the past few days), sing a duet with a friend of mine as a special music piece (Geoff Moore’s Listen to Our Hearts), and be the general tech guy (we used a Skit Guys video as the message portion, and it was the projector from our basement and the sound system from our youth room that went with us). There was more, but suffice it to say the evening was great.
  • I started watching Smallville from the beginning (again) a few weeks back, and got to really watch a lot over the weekend. I am about 3 episodes shy of completing the third season. (TV on DVD is great).
  • I got to get some cleaning around the house done and was able to surprise Kelly with it.
  • Sunday School was excellent yesterday morning. I am leading our Junior High students, and we set up two of our students who held strong convictions about whether or not humans ate meat before the Fall (the event of sin entering the world, not the season). While not being very well-prepared, it opened up a lot of discussion for us. The answer? Scripture is not explicit. It does not say we did, nor does it say we didn’t. It isn’t until Genesis 9 when Noah is told that everything that moves is ours for food, so there is a lot of assumption and guesswork on our part before that period. But it is a non-essential, and it opened up a lot of great discussion for our group.

And now, I get to put some stuff down on paper for Bluefish.TV. Never heard of it? Then check back in tomorrow!