Friday Night Flood In Review (4/18)

Tonight was a different evening for Friday Night Flood. Instead of our break time being almost an afterthought, it was the focal point of the evening. We built the entire evening around our Fear Factor event, building a lot of suspense and anticipation for the event itself. So many teens who did not sign up to participate (the sheet was prominently displayed and pointed out for the past three weeks) begged to be involved. We eventually allowed four of them to compete for two spots in the challenge. And compete they did.

After adding two teens to the group (in a challenge involving mustard-covered marshmallows and catching them and eating them) to round out at eight, we began with a balancing competition that eliminated another 3 teens. Then we cut our crew to three teens by seeing who could down their happy meal shake the quickest (only one of the five couldn’t finish). We wrapped things up with seeing who could collect the most apples from a pot of baked beans by bobbing for them. Our victor received a music video DVD, a DVD of the evening’s footage that I will edit over the next week, a t-shirt, three happy meal toys and a happy meal. And bragging rights for the next several months. I closed out the evening with a brief message about how God uses the crud and junk that we go through to show us our faith and to grow us, and the promise of eternity in His joy on the other side of death.

All in all it was a very well-done evening. There were even several great opportunities to share time in discussion with teens. The latest episode of the Purple Police was very well received. And there was little that really was negative about the evening (a stolen happy meal that was later found untouched in the parking lot). One teen even wanted to know why I knew about his girlfriend breaking up with him before he did. Another shared that by participating in the balancing contest he realized that he has some fairly big trust issues. There were loads of great times and opportunities for genuine ministry tonight, and it seems that our leadership really was able to capitalize upon those opportunities. A great evening. Look for the video later next week.