A Great Ministry Day

I had a really great day of ministry yesterday. I also got to spend a lot of time with Abigail. Take from it what you will about your own ministry.

  • School let out early, so our open-door policy with students meant that I got to spend time with a few teens all afternoon. We headed over to the old elementary school for a pick-up game of basketball (well, one pick-up game and two games of 21), and were joined by another teen that we see on a few occasions. There was some good conversation during the games, and even better throughout the rest of the afternoon.
  • I got to have some really great time talking to one of those students on the way past his house to the church for our Wednesday Night Live program. Mostly about his observations of our Friday Night Flood program.
  • We had a great time of fellowship over dinner before WNL with several teens and adults.
  • Wednesday Night Live was a great night as a program.
  • More basketball with a few other teens after WNL was over.
  • One of our leaders stopped by the house to pick up a CD, and wound up staying to chat about life, ministry and theology for about an hour. We often lose track of time when we get together to chat about anything.

So take what you can from this day. Or simply enjoy it as it was, and celebrate that God blesses us with days like these. Now if I can just make it to Sunday for my Sabbath…