Where Do We Go From Here?

We had our Leadership Meeting today. We spent the first half of our time (or so) catching up, since it had been a while since our last meeting. We laid out the future of programming from here until the end of the summer. But the most intriguing part of the meeting was when we spent time discussing how effective we are on Friday nights. Are we presenting the message in a relevant way? How should we view disciplining unchurched teens who are disruptive during the message time? Should the message time remain as it is or should we alter it? Should we jettison it?

A few of us decided to head to Perkins for dinner and continues our discussions there. We spent a lot of time hashing out what our small group experiment (experiment because our teens have not been part in any significant small groups outside of one weekend retreat this past February) will look like, and our motivations for it.

Today was a great day, spending time with other adults who are passionate about teens was incredibly encouraging.