Case Closed (Expelled Follow Up)

Over the past 48 hours I have spent a lot of time thinking. There is a lot weighing on me right now. You see, I posted about an upcoming movie that I intend to use in our Student Ministry program, and was encouraging other Youth Ministers to do the same. That movie is Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. You can read that post here. But that post has taken on a life of its own. It has grown far beyond the original intent of the post and has mutated into something… ugly.

You see, I received 8 comments in the first 4 and a half hours (which for this blog, is quite astounding), and has been viewed 112 times in the 48 hours since it was published (again, astounding. Only my posts on Joel Osteen have been as popular). But most of those comments were both closed-minded and presumptuous of me, my ability to think rationally, and my stance on certain scientific debates. People who were quick to accuse me of abandoning rational thought and assuming to know where I stood on a couple of issues (I never said I believe in a 6,000 year old earth, yet more than once I was accused of saying so). Additionally, I was challenged to produce evidence, studies, and other sources to substantiate my belief in Creationism by commenters who did not provide anything more than a YouTube video explaining why Intelligent Design is not science, vague references to relative dating, and radioactive dating, a link into talkorigins, and other claims that have no research provided to back the statements up. And yet I was the one being accused of blindly following another person who believed this way and not thinking critically (and being a hypocrite).

I had hoped to take a few posts to explain some of my perspectives, and actually did get one up. But I do not have the time to do more anytime soon (I am a full-time husband, father and Youth Pastor). Blogging is a secondary practice for me at best, and I will not have the time to put into the half-dozen posts I would need to generate right now. My beliefs are well-informed. My faith informs my science. I am not a scientist. Merely a well-read layman who does not accept that billions of years ago order rose out of swirling gasses, nor that my daughter playing on the floor is the result of random chance and billions of years of single-celled organisms realizing potential that they did not have to become something more. Logically, there is too much order in the world (and the universe) to have sprung out of so much chaos. I am not perfect, and there are things that I do not know. There are things I have not read or seen. I make my judgments from what I have read and seen, and continue to look for more information.

For me to put the energy into blogging more about this takes away from what is truly important right now. It also would take my blog in a direction that I do not want to take it in. Debunking evolution is not the mission of my blog (yes working with it is a small portion of my ministry, but not here). The original mission of the original post was to provide a resource to other Youth Ministers to use, and one to jump start some critical thinking in their students. The Public School system does not teach this (at least not in the school districts that I have served in over the past decade). I have been accused of not exercising critical thinking myself and of being a hypocrite. But I will view the movie with a critical eye. If there are mistakes or errors I will acknowledge them. No documentary can be perfect, and none will ever produce a perfect argument. I know this and will pass this on as well.

This is all I will say on this subject. Please feel free to comment. To those few commenters who were cordial and spoke gracefully, thank you. Do not be insulted if I do not respond. I merely have other things on my plate right now, it is nothing personal. I love open dialogue, but even those who responded to me cordially did so from the perspective of a closed mind, which can be a great hindrance to discussion.

Thank you. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Confessions of a Human Being.


UPDATE: I have locked this and other expelled-related posts to comments. This is not because I feel that my arguments are not worth commenting to, or because I feel that I am being unjustly persecuted for my beliefs. I simply am tired of putting up with people who feel that they have a right to come in here and insult my intelligence, my ability to think rationally, and my desire to grow in my education based upon their reading of one (or 4) posts I have posted on my thoughts on the subject of evolution. I have left the last straw up on the post Gravity and Evolution and have left my comment to it as well. Feel free to read away. To those who have been gracious and humble in our limited dialogue, I apologize for taking this action. I have enjoyed the small conversation we were able to have (and had hoped to foster with these posts).