Get Expelled

ExpelledThere is a new movie hitting theaters in just a couple weeks that could be a great resource for your ministry. It’s called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Basically it is a documentary put together by Ben Stein (yes, he of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Win Ben Stein’s Money and all those Clear Eyes commercials fame) that explores exposes the utter disdain, anger, hatred and dismissal of anything outside of the theory (yes it is only a theory people, not fact) of evolution and Darwinism in general (really, it’s quite a dangerous belief structure if you have never read it). I got a promo packet today for it, and after glancing through and skimming the Leader’s DVD content, it looks to be a great resource for teens (and adults as well).

I typically shy away from documentaries, and am in the habit of attempting to get multiple perspectives on anything that I research. (NOTE. Please read the fourth bullet point in the follow-up post to this one for a further explanation to this paragraph. It is just easier to let this one be than to change this, plus many have already read this in its original form, so it would be unfair to them to point back and say “I fixed it”). In this case, there seems to be a feel that Stein really did do his homework. Having been following this debate for years myself, I am looking forward to using this somehow in our ministry for one huge reason.

Americans are led by the nose to the pool of Darwinsim and forced to drink deep because they do not think for themselves. So many of our teens are not taught to think critically. They are forced to memorize theories and regurgitate them as facts with no discussion as to the faults and flaws in the arguments presented. They get their information from movies, TV, other forms of popular media, and what they are told. So few of them look for information on their own anymore. It is dishonest to this generation to throw theories and conjecture their way and disguise it as fact. It is dishonest (and probably a bit sinful) for us as leaders to allow it to happen without equipping teens to articulate an explanation for how these theories are false, and why they believe otherwise.

A bit of a soapbox post, I know. But it has been a while since I had one. I now return you to your regularly-scheduled 300th post for this blog. And please, check out the site for Expelled. Consider incorporating it into your ministry in some way. Even if you only use it for debate to encourage your teens to think for themselves instead of regurgitating someone else’s lies.

Bonus Resource: The Institute for Creation Research

Bonus Resource#2: An Article on the Movie


UPDATE: I have locked this and other expelled-related posts to comments. This is not because I feel that my arguments are not worth commenting to, or because I feel that I am being unjustly persecuted for my beliefs. I simply am tired of putting up with people who feel that they have a right to come in here and insult my intelligence, my ability to think rationally, and my desire to grow in my education based upon their reading of one (or 4) posts I have posted on my thoughts on the subject of evolution. I have left the last straw up on the post Gravity and Evolution and have left my comment to it as well. Feel free to read away. To those who have been gracious and humble in our limited dialogue, I apologize for taking this action. I have enjoyed the small conversation we were able to have (and had hoped to foster with these posts).