Friday Night Flood in review – (4/4)

Tonight was a very calm, very quiet, very good evening at Friday Night Flood. We had a smaller crowd, which made it easier to focus on a few students to build relationships with. One of our leaders shared his testimony with the group and (coupled with U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For) challenged them to draw closer to God and become a greater generation.

There were a few things that really stuck out to me tonight:

  • Even with fewer volunteers, we were able to have a really great night relationally. A few new students, a bunch of older ones, and yet we were still able to really connect with most of them.
  • An ankle brace does indeed have its limitations. I managed to roll my bad ankle not once, but twice while playing basketball. Of course it would happen as my 2-on-2 team is one rebound away from victory. One of the volunteers commented that I must be getting old, but my ankles have always been weak. When my knee goes, then I’ll be getting old.
  • It amazes me to hear what God has done through our volunteers. No matter how many times I hear their stories of their journeys, I am blown away at the people God chooses to do His work (myself included).
  • You can still fool a blindfolded teenager into believing that there is a dime stuck to their forehead when there isn’t one. (Fun game. Hope to get the video up soon).