A Mini-Sabbath Week?

I set at least one day in my schedule each week for Sabbath. Today was that day. But this week I have needed more rest (a 14 hour round-trip from western PA to central Indiana and back to inspect a house that you own and have been renting out and discovering that it has been completely trashed will do that to a person), so I have scaled back my activities that I would normally seek to participate in.

Unfortunately this comes on a bad week for this since our school district is on Spring Break this week. All of our teens are free with no school-related schedule blocks!

But God does provide. He has allowed energy and opportunities to spend time with a few students. And we even got the next episode of The Purple Police in the can. I just need to continue to remind myself that, as Chris Hill (remember him from NYWC in Charlotte a couple years back?) says, “There Is a Light… I ain’t it.” My plans are secondary to God’s. He has His plans this week (and beyond) for life here in Corry, I just have to let Him be in control.

That is hard to do sometimes…