Wednesday Night Live Extended – (3/19)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoTonight we continued in our Lessons from Relient K series by taking a different route from the norm.

In light of tonight being the middle of Holy Week, and a growing tendency amongst our group toward backbiting and detrimental attitudes toward each other (almost always looking for an opportunity to tear each other down), we spent the evening encouraging students to open up to each other. We used Relient K’s song Let It All Out as a jumping-off point (after a brief explanation from me about the makeup of the evening), and from there allowed our (sad yet perfect) smaller group than normal divide up into groups of no more than 3 according to gender and age. We then sent each group off with one of our volunteer leaders (could not have done tonight without them. I love you guys!) to other areas in the church. There they spent some time in some Psalms of lament, discussion about said Psalms and the song, opening up about their journeys, and a Psalm of hope.Lessons from Relient K

And in the middle of it all (after explaining the historical precedent for it) our volunteer leaders washed the feet of everyone in their group.

The night was powerful. It forced many of our teens out of their comfort zones, and it allowed for many of our hurting teens to share with their peers what was happening on their journey. It served to give us a small step toward solidifying our part of the body, and it laid some groundwork for a move toward small groups this summer.

It was also quite an experience to be able to float from group to group and witness each of our leaders and their different teaching/leading styles, seeing what they each focused in upon with their group.

We will begin incorporating this type of evening into WNL more often.

Bonus: If you want to use our lesson from tonight, feel free to download it make use of it. It was written with our group in mind, but don’t let that stop you from tailoring it for your group.

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