Ministry, Ministry Everywhere

friday-night-flood.jpgThe past two days have been busy ones. Yesterday was Friday Night Flood, and the third installment of The Purple Police. The evening was a good one, full of great conversations with students, some with a couple parents, and a special guest speaker.

His name is Bill Halle, and he works with Grace Youth and Family Foundation. Cruise on over to their site to check them out. Bill spends his time working with At-Risk teens, especially with teens who have gotten into trouble with drugs and alcohol. He shared a powerful message about addiction and discerning truth in life. Great stuff (I hope to put the video up in a couple of days). He even challenged our teens who claim to be Christians to seek truth and share it. Only 5 in a room of close to 50 stood up to accept this challenge. Not shocking, and even a little bit disappointing when looking at who from our group was still sitting on the floor. It gave all of our leadership a lot to think about after the evening was over.

Then today Bill hosted a seminar for our leadership team about working with At-Risk teens. There was a lot of useful information offered, and tons of practical application for us to consider. It was also a rallying cry for our leadership, and we really did grow together as a team as a result. The time we shared in prayer at the end was simply the most powerful and vulnerable I have experienced in a long time.

A great two days of ministry.