New Axe

After nearly two years without a guitar of my own, I have managed to gather the funds to purchase one! I have been playing since freshman year of college (self-taught), and up until about two years ago, never needed to borrow one. Then a surface crack deepened and ruined the body. You can only say so many times that you snapped your G-string before it stops being funny. I have been borrowing our senior pastor’s guitar since August, and before that I was loaned the use of another friend’s git-fiddle out in Indiana (and if you are reading this Craig, thank you yet again!). But as of last week (when we were out of town, no less) I am the proud owner of a new Washburn EA8B Cutaway Acoustic-Electric. I was going to go through Musician’s Friend (used them several times before, never had a problem) but found a better deal at Music 123 when I was attempting to find the dimensions to see if the case I was considering would be able to house the guitar.

It’s nothing fancy, but I like it.

My New Guitar