An… odd… moment

lois and clarkI have been watching a lot of Lois and Clark lately (Netflix is such a great program). I used to watch it when it was running on ABC when it first ran, and there is a lot of nostalgia that prompted me to get this series to re-view. Now, while the Superman side of things was typically mishandled (sometimes it was outright horrendous), more often than not the writers managed to nail the Lois and Clark side of the coin. Sure there is a lot of romantic “mush” (but I kind of enjoy that. I know, sick. So sue me), but they did right by it (in my opinion).

Well, during the fourth season, Lois and Clark tie the knot, and there are a lot of “newlywed moments” to be found. Tonight as I was watching, I found myself remarking out loud “ah, newlyweds.”

It just seems odd to me to hear those words escape my lips. It seems that I really have been married long enough to have separation from being a newlywed.

Next up, commenting on how the 5-year marrieds are doing?