Snowbound is Finished!

I can finally put Snowbound to rest officially! Our Winter Retreat is done, and I can move all my energies forward. Yes we wrapped the retreat 3 weeks ago, but Sunday afternoon I burned the final Highlight/Memory DVD for our students. Each student and volunteer got a DVD, along with a 5×7 group picture and a response card where we asked teens to give us their thoughts on the retreat. These cards will trickle in, but the retreat is officially behind us.

Here’s what I managed to get on the DVDs:

  • The 5-minute highlight video
  • All 5 Video Challenge movies that our teens made on the retreat
  • A making-of documentary of the Video Challenge movies
  • The Freezy Award ceremony (for the Video Challenge movies)
  • Both promotional videos we used prior to the trip
  • mp3s of the three main sessions
  • pictures from the retreat

This was a great idea for our teens. it gives them even more to remember what they picked up over the weekend. It also gives e church a copy in the library to rent and view should they want to see more of what we do. And it gives the teens’ families an opportunity to see a little of what their kids are telling them about.