New Books

You might notice that my Books in My Backpack widget in the sidebar has changed. If not, then either you do not pay attention to the sidebar, or it has been the same for so long that you stopped looking. Either way, I just received a shipment from Amazon with four new books that I have wanted to read for a while. I hope to share my thoughts with each one as I finish, so here is the rundown.

  • Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli – I loved Yaconelli’s Contemplative Youth Ministry (don’t believe me, check out the review here), and cannot wait to see how he builds on what he started there.
  • They Like Jesus But Not the Church by Dan Kimball – I love Kimball’s heart, and I am interested in what he discovers when chatting with people who do as the title says. Plus the title is pretty catchy.
  • Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture by Walt Mueller – Walt has a knack for tracking youth culture and after benefiting much through his ministry at CPYU (link in the sidebar blogroll) I look forward to what he has to offer in this book. Bonus points, we used a lot of resources by Mueller at Geneva College.
  • Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren – McLaren is a polarizing author. But even if you hate his work, you have to admit that he raises great questions. I enjoyed his last book, and even though I do not always agree with everything that he has to say, I look forward to being challenged by what he has to offer.

How about you. Have you read any of these titles? Anything to offer?