Funeral Week Musings

We spent the past week in Ohio for funerals for my grandfather (on my mom’s side) and Kelly’s grandfather (on her dad’s side). The week was long, and both emotionally and physically draining. Here are some of the things that really sprung out this week:

  • I do not trust semis. Never really did, but after being nearly run off the road twice on the way back because of drivers not operating their rigs safely (seriously, why in the world should you be driving a tractor-trailer at over 70mph with less than a mile of visibility and a complete inability to see the road’s surface?)
  • I did not know that my uncle can play the bagpipes.
  • It has been a while since I have driven a (typically) 2 1/2 hour long trip and have it take over 5 hours.
  • Abigail loves playing with her cousin Reuben, now that she can interact with him instead of just laying there.
  • Abigail will grow up to be a bully. Every time Reuben had a toy, Abby took it.
  • The family dynamic in Kelly’s family will be interesting over the next couple of years. Grandpa and Grandma (passed away 4 months ago) were the glue holding the family together. I do pray the their glue has passed onto the children and grandchildren because I myself enjoy spending time with them.
  • It stung a little to realize that I had a better relationship with Kelly’s grandfather than I did with mine There has been lots of long-running tension on that particular branch of the family tree, but we never connected, and it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. I am glad that he got to meet Abigail twice, but I would have liked to ask the big why question… it was a little hard to hear the eulogy…
  • It was good to be able to be a pillar for my mom and my brother. Just wish we could have stuck around longer.
  • We love our teens in our ministry. They cleaned our house for us while we were gone! We loved them already, but this was just spectacular… though they did tell me that if anything is missing, they blame leprechauns…

I’ll be processing and decompressing for a while