Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/27)

Reflection EveningTonight was a different night for us at WNL. It was one of our Reflection Evenings, something I started us doing about every 6 weeks or so. Reflection Evenings are designed to be nights where our teens are encouraged to rest, pause and reflect upon God in ways they are not used to.

Tonight we spent the evening in a room with no electricity. Only candles lit our space. I interspersed several hymns throughout the night to break things up and to allow students an opportunity to worship God in a new way (hymns led with guitar in the dark, not what they are used to). We spent some time sharing a little bit about our journeys, reading through Matthew 18.21-35 utilizing Lectio Divina. For those unfamiliar with this practice, Lectio Divina is Latin for “holy reading” and is described as experiencing God through Scripture. It consists of reading a Biblical text (verse, passage, whatever) repeatedly, the first time simply reading through, and the successive times meditating upon it, listening for words, phrases, ideas that God is communicating through the text that would be missed in a simple read-through.

We also gave our teens the opportunity to share what the Spirit had shared with them through the Lectio Divina. All in all tonight was a very good evening. But there were a couple of things that really came out to me tonight.

We had about 25 teens in the room, most of whom are a part of our group on a weekly basis, yet only two were willing to share anything about their personal journey with the group. They are more than happy to have their own smaller conversations about their lives, but when asked to share with the group at large, they clam up. We have a ways to go before we can claim real group unity.

There were also many great thoughts about the Lectio Divina that arose. Some great questions, and some awesome observations. The students seemed to enjoy the fact that they were essentially teaching themselves from Scripture tonight.

Like I said, a great evening, and hopefully (prayerfully), the candles that they each took home will be a constant reminder to meditate upon God and to focus on His light in their weeks ahead.