Friday Night Flood in Review – 2/22


Friday Night Flood this week was another quiet evening for us. Attendance was down, there were virtually no real problems to speak of (other than the normal kids-who-can’t-stop-talking-for-30-seconds-to-listen-to-the-person-sharing). It was almost too good to be true.

There were good discussions amongst teens and adults, there were opportunities for adults to interact with teens on the teens’ terms. There was the chance to get to simply play with the teens and to help them blow off steam from a hectic week. We did lose the usage of our audio and video media (some of our equipment is dying and we need to replace it), but simply went to plan B instead. Extra game instead of videos. Except for this, it was what we really desire Friday Night Flood to be. But there seems to me that something was off.

It seems to me that we really did not connect our teens with the Gospel tonight. Don’t get me wrong, the speaker who shared did an excellent job of presenting the Truth to our teens. But I feel that we missed the boat somehow in connecting it with our teens. It is not for lack of trying on our leader’s parts, but it is just a general feeling that I have. I know that we will not see great changes and remarkable breakthroughs every week. But this week just felt… off.

I need some time in prayer about Friday Night Flood this week. Not to sound overly negative, but I need to work through this night of ministry this week…