Retreat 101 (part 4)

Snowbound 2008 Group Shot

We just wrapped up our winter retreat this past weekend, and I thought I would share some tips and helps with you should you be looking at running your own retreat. Sure, most of these will seem like common sense, but sometimes when we neglect to state the obvious, we wind up forgetting the obvious.

When leading a retreat for your Student Ministry…

Record – Always, and I mean always, have the camera on. Whether it is video or still pictures, capture every moment that you are humanly capable of doing. Set someone else up to capture if you must, but fil everything. It is always better to trim things down, rather than to wish that you had captured more.

After finally getting all of our video captured and transferred, I am planning on creating a 4 – 5 minute highlight video, copies of all 5 of the student-created movies from the weekend, a video of the Freezys award ceremony, and a behind-the-scenes documentary of the Video Challenge movie creation process. In all, I have over 10 gigs of video to pore through, but I definitely have enough video to look through for all my projects.