Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/20)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoWeek three of our iLove series at Wednesday Night Live.

Tonight we wrapped up our study series through the topic of love. And we also continued to expand our number of Friday Night Flood students who have been drifting into our WNL program. God really continues to surprise me in that He keeps having more of them show up. And not just take up space, but contribute, question, and even sing with the group.

Tonight we took all of the anonymous questions that were asked the first week, and answered them. I turned it around on our teens (last week I challenged them to take the list of questions home and answer them as best as they could) and had them attempt to answer them. Using what we have discussed over the past two weeks, our teens were able to answer most of the questions, and even offered some of their own thoughts. We spent a lot of time on the questions about the relationship between love and sex, and the idea of physical interaction within a relationship. When is it okay to hold hands, to kiss?iLove

There was a lot of great discussion and debate tonight. There were teens who grew and learned Scriptural principals to apply into their lives about love. And we closed out the lesson by watching the Nooma Flame. It really closed things down, focusing upon the relationship between the three different types of love, and the deep Spiritual nature of love. It really captured their interests, and seemed to drive the point home.

Through this series, I think that the one thing I have been most surprised by has been our Friday Night crew showing up in greater and greater numbers. They are almost completely unchurched, and are willingly plugging themselves into a discipleship program, teaching on love from a Christian worldview and how best to practice it. It has truly been awesome to see them get involved each week. The gateway program is beginning to show an impact on our teens here in Corry.