Retreat 101 (part 3)

Snowbound 2008 Group Shot

We just wrapped up our winter retreat this past weekend, and I thought I would share some tips and helps with you should you be looking at running your own retreat. Sure, most of these will seem like common sense, but sometimes when we neglect to state the obvious, we wind up forgetting the obvious.

When leading a retreat for your Student Ministry…

Discuss – Most retreats have a central keynote speaker. Don’t let it stop there! Work in deliberate discussion time for your teens. Give them an opportunity to mull over the material with others. Listening to how the material impacted others in the group can be a great benefit to realizing how it affects theirs.

On our retreat, I served as the keynote speaker. I offered sessions on our personal journeys, the Spiritual Discipline of Meditation, and the Spiritual Discipline of Study. But the real meat and application was when I had our teens break off into smaller discussion groups to hash out what I had offered them in my sessions, and then gave them an opportunity to practice what they had just heard. It worked beautifully.