Retreat 101 (part 2)

Snowbound 2008 Group Shot

We just wrapped up our winter retreat this past weekend, and I thought I would share some tips and helps with you should you be looking at running your own retreat. Sure, most of these will seem like common sense, but sometimes when we neglect to state the obvious, we wind up forgetting the obvious.

When leading a retreat for your Student Ministry…

Include Spiritual Refreshment For Your Leaders – Your leaders are the real work force behind every successful retreat. Their Spiritual health is just as important as yours and as your students’. Don’t neglect them. Include something geared toward their Spiritual health and renewal each day you are on your retreat.

Our trip included (originally) 4 different times where our leaders would come together for Leader-led devotions. One of those times was actually a book discussion on S. Truett Cathy’s It’s Better to Build Boys than Mend Men, seeking how we might best apply its principals to our ministry. I say originally, because two of those times wound up being scrapped due to circumstances beyond our control. Invite your leaders to share their hearts together.