A Great Weekend

Snowbound 2008 is in the books as a success. Now, long-term Spiritual and relational results will, of course, have to wait. But as far as the weekend itself it really lined up with our ministry’s goals, mission, and purposes. I will be chewing over the results for a while to come, but here are just a few of the high points from the weekend.

  • Many great relationships either began or renewed between students and leaders.
  • Discussion group times allowed students to really interact with and engage the material from the general sessions.
  • Music was a great experience, with the group using new songs and old with a great response.
  • Our video challenge was a resounding success.
  • Our awards ceremony was just as successful.
  • Our video conference with the church this morning (via Skype) went great… until our connection was severed.
  • Said conference was a great way for the church (especially those that sponsored some of our students for the weekend) to be a part of the weekend.
  • I have over 4 gigs of video to pore through to create a highlight video before Sunday.
  • There were very few problems over the course of the weekend. Most of them were technology-related.
  • It was the best retreat I have been involved in since I started out in Student Ministry.

Look for more about this retreat as the week unfolds.