Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/13)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoWeek two of iLove here at Wednesday Night Live.

Tonight we dove head-first into Scripture about love. Where last week we discussed what love is not (not a feeling), this week we took time to discuss what love is. We used several smaller Scriptures throughout the course of the evening, but really focused in upon 1 Corinthians 13.1-10. We also explored the greek words for love that our (horrible, horrible) English springs from. Ultimately, I informed our teens that love is, above everything else, a choice. We choose to go from the porch (Agape) into the living room (Philos) and, within the context of marriage, into the bedroom (Eros). We choose to love people, we choose to serve them, to sacrifice for them.iLove

Love is such a black and white topic that it is incredibly gray for many people. It is one of those things that we want to twist to fit our lives, rather than change our thinking to match it. For this reason, I walked away from tonight’s lesson feeling a bit… empty. It felt as if there was a lot of build up for a fizzle ending. Now there is one more week, where we will answer the anonymous questions from last week. But tonight was one of those nights where we really saw some genuine thinking, but don’t know how deep the application will go.

Among other positives for tonight: another of our Friday Night Flood girls dropped in to check us out. There were some great moments of discussion. There were some great examples of students explaining principals from Scripture to the group (video to come later).

One thing that I did learn tonight, and I have known this for a while, but tonight it was solidified: we need our Junior High and our Senior High separate. It has not yet been done out of a need for teachers for the Junior High, but we really need to separate them.