Questions For the Youth Ministry Community

iLoveLast week at our Wednesday Night Live program, I invited our teens to ask questions about love anonymously that we will seek to answer over the next two weeks. I shared a couple already, but I thought I might pick your brain with the entire list, and see if they spark any thoughts in you. Here’s the list:

  • Does love always hurt?
  • What do you do?
  • Why do some people resist love?
  • Can we watch A Night At The Roxbury sometime? (I used Haddaway’s What is Love in our video for the evening).
  • Are there levels of love?
  • Why does love hurt?
  • What is sex?
  • How do love and sex combine?
  • What is the point where people can date?
  • At what point is purple okay?
  • Why do people love?
  • When is it okay to look at a girl’s body?
  • Do we all have soulmates?
  • How should we show our love as Christians to a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • Why should we love?
  • How can we love people who hurt us?
  • Why does love exist?
  • Is love kissing? And when you do [kiss] and they [the one you kissed] dump you was that love to start off with?
  • Can love be felt by anyone? Is it felt for everyone?

So leave your thoughts/answers. Who knows, your answer may be included in the final lesson plan! And please, attempt to use Scripture to back up your answer (just don’t proof-text).

All questions came from a group of 7th grade through 12th grade students.