Friday Night Flood in Review – 2/8

friday-night-flood.jpgFriday Night Flood was back in action tonight. After taking a break last week due to weather, we opened the doors to teens of all shapes, ages and sizes to hang out, relax, play sports, and hear some truth.

Tonight I was actually in and out, so there is not much to report. Kelly was sick today, so I bounced back and forth between the church and home. I did get to have a few conversations with some teens, nothing too deep tonight. And I did get to be around when we premiered the pilot of The Purple Police (I’ll put the episode up here tomorrow). But the best portion was being able to film our visiting missionary as he encouraged our teens to have faith in God, follow Him, and rest in Him.

It was a good night. Just not a particularly deep one for me. More of a building night woth some newer students and some who have not been around in a while.