So over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my blogging output has been dropping. This is not an intentional thing, but simply a result of becoming busy in other areas.

  • I am a full-time husband and dad. Often, the bet time I have for blogging is late at night after Kelly and Abigail have retreated to bed. But by that point, I want to head for the basement, but there is no Internet connection there (no wireless…). Working on it, but not yet.
  • My time has been consumed by a LOT of video editing. This week alone I have created or edited no less than 15 videos, and generated 5 DVD’s (4 of which have been corrupted). Technology is not working well for me this week.
  • I have been putting final touches on our upcoming winter retreat. Snowbound 2008 is going to be incredible, the administration just take up a lot of time. Lots of good stories already, and I cannot wait to share more when we get back.

For me, I began blogging as a Spiritual Discipline. I do blog also to provide resources and encouragement to fellow youth workers, but this is largely for my spiritual growth and health. A platform for me to think and create out loud, so to speak. With the upcoming retreat, a large chunk of it will focus upon teaching our teens some Spiritual Disciplines, and after thinking this through, I have seen that one that I have committed to has become less and less of a priority lately. I aim to change that. More quality content, and less fluff (How Did You Find Me? now a monthly post, not weekly).

And I don’t want to let this next incredibly busy week get in the way of that.