Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/6)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoIf pressed, I would label tonight as one of the best evenings of teaching here in Corry since beginning ministry here in August. It really was that good.

Tonight we started a new series entitle iLove (check this and this out for more info), in which we are exploring what we think love is, what the world tells us it is, and what Scripture tells us it is. Tonight I was a tad wary about it since the first part I wrote to be an exploration into what our teens think of love. There was absolutely no Scripture tonight, which is something that I was not too comfortable with. Sure there will be a load of Scripture next week, but this week was designed to leave our teens hanging, informing them that love is NOT a feeling, not an emotion. This came of course after looking at some of society’s interpretations of love, 13 dictionary definitions, and some of their own interpretations. I even invited them to anonymously ask questions about love, and I am sitting here 3 hours later still blown away by how deep some of these questions are. Case in point,

“Is love kissing? And if you kiss someone, and they dump you, was it love to begin with?”

“Why do we love?”

“When does it become love?”

Let those sink in. There are about a dozen more like it. How many adults think like this? How many of our teens have been running around thinking these things without anyone giving them the opportunity to ask, or an invitation to? And it was not just these questions, but the entire teaching period was filled with interest, interaction, and original ideas and thoughts (at least original for the group. Some of the ideas were parroted back from a popular source or two). We also incorporated several clips of teens sharing their thoughts on love with a scene from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy where Ron (after declaring loudly that he and Veronica Corningstone are in love after having sex) shares the meaning of love (the guys sing Afternoon Delight together), and clips from an episode of Boy Meets World where the lead characters are assigned to film a documentary on teenage perceptions of love, sex and dating.

The only negative I can find in the evening was that our group continues to be very distracted and self-focused during our times in worship through music together. In the transitions between songs, the mouths start running. Tonight the Spirit inspired me to challenge our teens to refuse the temptation to declare themselves more important than God during the 12 and 1/2 minutes that we set aside to worship God through song. That seemed to make more of an impact than anything else that I have tried thus far.

A great night. As a teacher, seeing teens respond to and interact with the material was simply amazing. As a shepherd, seeing my flock come alive and become entrenched in the discussion and the growth, very encouraging. As a Christian, seeing the opportunity to help others on the Journey understand something so essential to life, I am excited to jump on in.

iLove. Not cheesy. Deep. Next week, what love is according to Scripture (a lot of it), and a few student questions answered.

And on an additional note, the student that I blogged about here and here – after completing a boot-camp program of sorts – is back in the fold as of tonight. It is great to see him involved again.