How Did You Find Me? vol. 20

Here it is. I think after this week, I may make this a monthly installment.

  • Christ the King Football – is this a video game?
  • 39 year old guys – ????
  • can a real human being explode from laughter – i don’t think so?
  • night the rewinding – ???
  • what will our daughter abigail look like – i know what mine looks like…
  • is seth franco married – yes. he is.
  • how do i minister to 12 to 19 year old teens – poke around the blog, check out simply youth ministry’s community site, read magazines (youthworker journal, journal of student ministries, etc.), and listen for God’s guiding…
  • i see a light around my pastor when he i – huh???
  • passion god of this city – great album. getting a real review up tonight or tomorrow. look for it…
  • teaching teens about the kingdom of god – our theme at WNL through march.
  • why do i love been naked – not a typo on my part… and what?
  • fat naked man – shudder… people used to look for fat men in speedos…